Olive Tree Fruit Control


Arizona Weed King has been providing Olive Tree Fruit Control to many of our clients since 1996.  We have worked for large developments with hundreds of trees, down to an individual residence that has one olive tree.


Olive trees are very common in Phoenix area landscapes due to their tolerance of the Arizona sun, and their quick growth.  While these trees can be very beautiful, they can also be frustrating to maintain due to their dropping of olives, which can leave staining on everything they touch.  To stop the olive fruit from developing, there are a few products that can be applied through a foliar application.  Application to the tree is done one to two times, depending on the product used, and lasts for the fruiting lifecycle (one treatment per year).  


Arizona Weed King has the experience, and expertise to treat your olive trees to reduce the amount of fruit that tree produces each year.  We begin spraying as early as January using a material called Maintain. Unfortunately this material is tougher on the tree and we do not usually recommend this material for residential applications. Normally, residential applications are done later in the spring during a specific window of time when the tree buds have reached a specific maturity. 


Olive fruit control is an imperfect science. There are many factors that influence the amount of control on any given tree including temperatures, rainfall and locality. While we achieve absolute control on most of the trees, 75% control on any given tree is an acceptable result in our industry. To insure your trees are on our schedule at the optimum time, give us your approval no later than the end of February. If we miss the window of opportunity, it does no good to spray and we'll just have to wait until next year.


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