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Frequently Asked Questions


In our effort to better serve our clients, we have provided answers to the most common questions that we are asked about our services.  If you are unable to find an answer to your question on this page, please visit our contact page and contact us with whatever method you are most comfortable with.  We are more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Click below to jump to the section you are looking for, or scroll down for the entire list of FAQs.

What is Pre-Emergent?

Pre-Emergent is a water-based or granular substance that when broadcast on your lawn or granite landscaping stops seeds from germinating. Pre-emergents can usually be applied right over existing plants with no harm. We use a water based pre-emergent to insure an evenly applied pre-emergent barrier, which leads to better control.


Will pre-emergent leave a color?

Yes, temporarily. The color is called a spray indicator and allows our applicators and clients to visably see what has been sprayed and what hasn’t.  Unfortunately the color is built into the material at the factory and we don’t get a choice in the matter.  Most pre-emergents are manufactured with a yellow to orange color that will generally last from 10 to 14 days.  **The color may last longer in shady areas of the property.


When should I do a pre-emergent application?

If you haven’t had one done in the last six months, the answer is now! It is a myth that the best time is in the spring.  The spring is a good time, but not the only time to treat your property.  We are a year round business and can attest that weeds grow every month and rain falls every month. Just because you may not have weeds doesn’t mean you don’t have seeds just waiting for the next drop of moisture to germinate.


So if I do a pre-emergent application I’ll never see another weed...right?

Weed control is an imperfect science.  Pre-emergents create a barrier on top of the soil to prevent new seeds from germinating, however, any disturbance in that barrier will create an area that is not protected.  We can treat two identical properties side by side and one will be pristine, while the other has areas that need further attention. Because of the imperfect science of weed control we offer a six month warranty with our service.  Any time there is a break through of weeds, just call us and we will come back and treat those areas at no additional charge.


Will you spray pre-emergents on the sand under the swing set, in the sand box or the            dirt in the horse corral?

No, no and only at the animal owners request.  In order to be as safe and environmentally conscious as we can, there are certain areas that we will stay away from.  While pre- and post-emergent products are safe for humans and pets once they are dry, there are still areas that we will stay away from.


I’m laying new landscape rock. Do I use pre-emergents before or after I lay the rock?

The rock will often come with unwanted weed seeds in it, therefore we advise putting the pre-emergent down after the rock is spread. If there were weeds or grass in the area where the rock is going then you should have a post-emergent application before the rock is put down. If it is Bermuda, scroll down to our section on special problems.


What is post-emergent?

Post-emergents (after the plant has emerged) are used to kill existing plants.  The primary post-emergent material used is a systemic material and is absorbed into the leaves, stems and eventually the roots of the plant to kill it. For lawns, there are selective post-emergents that will only affect certain broadleaf weeds, leaving the grass unharmed.


Will post-emergent leave a color?

While post-emergent by itself usually is not manufactured with dye, we add a blue spray marker to the material so that our applicators and customers are able to see where treatment has been done.  Many times the pre-emergent and post-emergent is sprayed together, therefore you get a mix of the yellow pre-emergent with the blue-post emergent, which is why you will often see green around your property.  


Will pre or post-emergent applications harm my pets?

The manufacturers clearly state that the application is safe to humans and pets once it is dry. We recommend that pets be kept off the treated area for at least four hours.


We are continually amazed that most people ask about the pets but rarely about their children!  We reccommend that young children are also kept off of the treated areas until it is dry.


Do the pre-emergents or post-emergents you use sterilize my ground?

No. It takes a different, stronger, material to do this and we won’t use these stronger products on residential or Home Owner Association properties. Even on commercial properties, much care must be taken when applying a ground sterilant.


Why do I still have weeds?

Weed Control is an imperfect science. Some species of weed are more resistant to pre-emergents than others. We use a pre-emergent that has the broadest scope of control but even so, we cannot control how the environment will shift from year to year.  For example, in the past few years, Arizona has seen an influx of a weed called Common Groundsel that has been spread to us from our neighbor California. That weed is just plain hard to control, as it is can be resistant to many pre-emergents on the commercial market. Other times, weeds that appear to be annual seed-growth weeds, are actually perrenial rhizomatic weeds.  Rhizomatic plants grow through rhizomes and tubers under the soil, and while post-emergents will kill the immediate plant, the underground growth will continue to grow.  We see this in northern Arizona areas with plants like silverleaf nightshade.  Also, there are times when our applicator is on site, and some of the weed seeds have already germinated but were so small the applicator couldn’t see them to kill them, so they continue to grow after he leaves. DO NOT DESPAIR! You have a warranty and we will come back to fight these kinds of problems.


Do you guarantee your work?

All application of pre-emergent to granite (rock) or dirt areas is guaranteed for 6 months. After that, the material wears off and another treatment is advised. As long as the material is in the dirt you will get the best control of weeds. Pre-emergent applications to lawn areas are not guaranteed because most lawn areas are watered by overhead sprinklers and this breaks the material down more quickly. Despite the sprinklers, pre emergent applications to lawn areas are still very effective, especially in transitional periods, i.e. after overseeding, or prior to summer lawn.  Getting pre-emergents down during transitionary times keeps weeds from germinating while the winter, or summer lawn is establishing itself.  After the lawn is established, the dissipating pre-emergent is generally acceptable because healthy turf will discourage the weed growth.  By disipating faster, we mean that it will usually last 2 to 3 months in lawn areas. 


It rained shortly after the pre-emergent application. Is it still good?

Yes. In fact it’s not only good, it’s great! To be most effective, pre-emergents should be watered into the soil (under the landscaped rock) within thirty days. Even though it might not feel like it, we generally experience some rainfall in Phoenix every month.


Why don’t you spray in the wind?

Wind can cause the pre-emergent to carry beyond the targeted areas, which may cause injury or death to plants that are not intended to be killed.  Our licensed applicators are trained to know the specific limits on what can be sprayed under which conditions, and are experienced to know when to stop due to wind.  Safety is our most important concern.


What if I am a chemically sensitive person?

Pre-emergent and post emergent applications are safe for humans and animals after they are dry. Many times the anxiety of the chemically sensitive person is enhanced by the slight odor of the material. If this is the case we recommend staying away from the property for 4 to 6 hours.  Any questions about specific allergies should be directed to your Doctor. 


Will you sell me some of your weed juice for my own use?

No. We aren’t a retail company.  While we do have our own special mixture that we use for our treatments, we cannot sell that to un-licensed individuals.  Furthermore, we have found that all in all, the cost of choosing our service is usually on par, or cheaper than what it would cost an individual,...and the best part is, you don't have to do the work!


I have thick tall weeds on my property, should I have them cleaned up before the pre-emergent application?

Yes, even if you take a weed eater to them. The pre emergent has to land on the dirt, not on the weed, to be effective.  If there are tall weeds covering the ground, the pre emergent cannot make it down to the dirt level.  If you don’t want to do it yourself, any quality landscaper can help you. Contact us for a landscaper referral (note, we do not refer landscapers based on price, only quality).  As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that weeds are no higher than 6 inches at the time of application.


Is liquid turf fertilization better than spreading granular myself.  

We believe so.  There are several reasons why.  First, liquid fertilizers have been developed to a point that they will also carry slow-release nitrogens, so the application will continue to work for 6 to 8 weeks.  Also, we believe that the uptake on the fertilizer is better when it is in liquid form, versus spreading granular, where you need to water in the fertilizer.  With liquid applications, there is no watering in needed, and the nutrients are immediately available for uptake.  Lastly, we can provide turf fertilization at a cost that is generally less than what you can do it for yourself.  You get the benefit of better nutrient uptake, and you don't have to spend your time doing the work.



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