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Commercial / Residential Landscape Companies


Arizona Weed King started working for landscape compaines in the early years, and we continue to serve landscapers to this day.  Working for commercial and residential landscape companies is a major part of our business, and here is why:


We have the ability to service your clients, through you, allowing you to control the type of service that you want, the frequency of that service, and most importantly, allowing you to make money on our work.  Depending on the scope of properties that you have, we can discount our services to a point that you can make money from what we are doing.  You make money, we make money, and your client is satisfied, knowing that our premier weed control company is handling their weed control needs.  


Not only do you make money, you don't have the headache of maintaining proper licensing, servicing equipment that you only use a few times a year, and purchasing and storing expensive herbicides.


Our service is a great value add for any landscape company, whether you service residences only, some commercial properties, or only commercial properties.





We provide several packages of service for our commercial clients including:


Monthly Service Programs

Pre-emergent Only Programs

Post-emergent Only Programs

Turf Fertilization Programs

Turf Weed Control Programs

Olive Tree Fruit Control Programs


Contact us today to get to find out more about the services that we can provide.








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