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Residential Weed Control

Residential weed control is where Arizona Weed King started in 1996, and it makes up the majority of our business today.  We have been successfully maintaining weed free residential properties ever since, and have the experience, specialized equipment, and well trained applicators to service your residence.




With over 40 years of industry experience, we have the proper training, licensing, and actual herbicide application experience for any situation.  When you begin service with Arizona Weed King, you can rest assured that your applicator is licensed and well trained in their craft.  In addition to our service crew, our office is staffed by actual people, not an answering machine or answering service.  When you call Arizona Weed King, you will be talking directly to our people who have the knowledge and training to answer your questions.


Specialized Equipment:


Weed Control is our business.  We are not a pest control company who also sprays some weeds, and we are not a landscape maintenance company that has a worker walk around with a backpack.  Our aim is to spray weeds, and we are outfitted to do so.  Our specialty, self-designed spray rigs are capable of handling properties from a small front yard, to a multiple acre horse property.  We carry enough tank-mixed material to spray up to 9 acres in one trip without having to re-fill.  The products that we apply are all mixed in the tank with a constant circulating mixing system in order to suspend the active ingredients thoroughly through the mix.  This insures that the pre- and post-emergent mixes we use are applied correctly.  Even when we spray out of a backpack, the mix in the backpack was transferred from the larger tank.  We rarely mix chemicals in the backpack.


Well Trained Applicators:


Our applicators are all certified and licensed by the State of Arizona to apply all of the products that we offer.  In addition to the continuing education that is required to maintain that license, we also administer regular in-house training and education to our applicators and office staff.  We know that new products, techniques, weed varieties, and other variables are always changing, and we aim to be at the front of our industry.


No matter how large or small your property is, Arizona Weed King is ready and able to service your weed control needs. 



Weed Control Is Our Business!






There are many State and Federal Laws, as well as Labels on every chemical that tell you rates to spray, where to spray, and how to spray.  Because there are so many regulations to follow, it is imperative that the person applying herbicides or pesticides to your residence is properly licensed by the State of Arizona.  


Click below to verify that your pest-control professional is correctly licensed in this State.

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