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Home Owner Associations


We provide weed control services for many Home Owner Associations in Arizona. Many times we will be subcontracted by the commercial landscape company to provide pre-emergent, and post-emergent weed control services, but we also will work directly for the HOA.


Arizona Weed King has the equipment, and expertise to service your HOA in a timely, correct way.  We can route multiple crews that can each apply upwards of 9 acres per day without re-filling.  This allows us to handle most HOAs in a single day. In the case of large HOAs - 30 plus acres of sprayable area - we can generally get those projects completed inside of a few days.  Our capability offers you the convenience of getting your pre-emergent and post-emergent services done quickly, and with our expertise, you can have comfort knowing that is done correctly.


We offer a variety of different service types for Home Owner Associations.  Our top-line service includes a six month warranty, but we can also provide pre-emergent only, post-emergent only, turf weed control programs, and turf fertilization programs. 

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