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Providing weed control services for municipal clients is a portion of our business that has blossomed over the past decade.  Our municipal clients run the gamut from a small office for particular municipal branch, all the way up to entire prison facilities, and even roadside and public facility work.  We have the proper licensing, experience, and specialized equipment to service municipalities fully.  We understand that there is generally more coordination, informational requests, reporting, and log/certification work that is required for municipal compliance, and we are outfitted to provide anything that is necessary to get the job done.  We carry proper levels of liability insurance, and we are fully licensed (both our busines, and our applicators) for your job.  Our equipment is suited to spray large scale properties, areas, roadsides, etc. quickly and properly, and we also have proper warning lights, and safety procedures, so we are ready to go for your municipal project.


In order to request a bid, or if you have any questions about services - whether we are working on your project or not - please dont hesitate to contact us.





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