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Property Managers


Working directly with property managers is an area that we excel at.  Because we have a full time customer service team in our office, we have found that property managers often prefer to hire our services directly.  Being able to call our office and actually talk to a physical person who can serve your needs is a large advantage to property managers who are generally "on the go", and need answers or sheduling done now. 


We have the capability to service any size property that you may manage, so you won't need to hire a different company because one of the properties in your management portfolio is too large, or even too small.  We handle them all.




We can provide full service pre-emergent and post-emergent work that includes our 6 month warranty, or we can tailor your specific services for what you need:  


Monthly Service Programs

Pre-emergent Only Programs

Post-emergent Only Programs

Turf Fertilization Programs

Turf Weed Control Programs

Olive Tree Fruit Control Programs 




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