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Available Services


The following is a list of some of the services that Arizona Weed King provides for commercial, residential, and municipal clients.  For more information about each service, click on the more information button at the bottom of each section.



This water-based application is sprayed over dirt, landscaped rock or lawn areas to control the growth of broadleaf annual weeds. Pre-emergent means simply - before emerging. This material stops seeds from germinating, thus stopping weeds before they start. Because pre-emergent products only affect the seeds, they can usually be sprayed over existing plants without affecting them. According to manufacturers labels, pre-emergent products last from 4 to 8 months when applied correctly. In Arizona, depending on the property, and the weather, we can expect to get a solid 6 months of pre-emergent barrier protection. No matter the property, applying pre-emergent to the landscaped areas every 6 months is the best approach to keeping your propertry weed free.



This water based application is sprayed directly on unwanted weeds to kill them. There are two types of post-emergent products; systemic, and contact. The systemic material is absorbed through the leaf or skin of the plant and is drawn into the root to insure the death of the weed, while the contact material kills the foliage or woody part of the plant that it immediately contacts.  Arizona Weed King uses a propriety formulation of post-emergent to insure both quick, and complete (to the root) death of the unwanted weeds.  This application can be used for dirt, rock landscape, or turf lawns alike. 

Turf Weed Control


In lawns, selective post-emergents are used to kill the broad-leaf weeds but leave the desirable grass unharmed.  Selective post-emergents work systemically to eradicate the unwanted broadleaf weeds from the root system. 


Grass friendly post-emergent products are generally broad, and cover most broadleaf weeds, but there are more targeted products for some weed problems, such as nutgrass and crabgrass.



Liquid Turf Fertilization

For those lush green lawns normally reserved for the most expensive golf resorts, we can apply liquid fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer is an inexpensive way to get the most nutrients to your yard.  Current liquid fertilizer products are formulated to apply both instant nutrition, as well as slow release nutrition in one treatment.

Arizona Weed King has a unique process for incorporating liquid fertilizers, as well as post-emergent products to your turf to insure the best summer lawns.


Try it, you'll like it.


Specialty Applications


In addition to the listed services above, Arizona Weed King has the equipment and expertise to provide specialty applications for many different situations. These specialty applications include; fungicides for turf and ornamental plants, deep tree root fertilization, pre-pave herbicide application for roadways, airport runways, and any pre-paving project, and much much more.  Call or email us today to find out what specialty applications we can provide for you.

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