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Turf Weed Control


Controlling weeds in turf is essential to maintaining a beautiful yard.  Arizona Weed King has the expertise to help you keep your lawn green and weed free.


Pre-emergent applications to turf areas are very effective, especially when done in transitional periods (after overseeding, and at the opening of summer lawn).  Pre-emergent products generally will not last as long in turf due to the repetitive water schedules that breakdown the products, but when applied in transition, pre-emergents will allow only the desired turf to grow, giving your lawn a chance to mature and keep the weeds out on its own.  


Selective post-emergents in turf areas are used to kill the broad-leaf weeds but leave the desireable grass unharmed.  Selective post-emergents work systemically to eradicate the unwanted broadleaf weeds from the root system. In yard areas that are well established, but are still growing unwanted weeds, selective post-emergents will attack the problem, but leave the desired turf alone.  


Grass friendly post-emergent products are generally broad, and cover most broadleaf weeds, but there are more targeted products for some weed problems, such as nutgrass and crabgrass.


Arizona Weed King has many different solutions for your turf needs.  We can provide you with a plan that only attacks the nutgrass you have, all the way up to a plan where we will apply pre-emergent, post-emergent, and fertilize your turf on a scheduled basis.  Contact us today to see what we can provide for you.



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