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Post-Emergent Weed Control


This water based application is sprayed directly on unwanted weeds to kill them. There are two types of post-emergent products; systemic, and contact, and they can either be non-selective (will harm anything that it touches), or selective (won't harm desired plants - usually grass).


Systemic Post-Emergent:

Systemic post-emergent products are generally applied using ground broadcast equipment directly to the unwanted plant.  After the plant absorbs the herbicide, the post-emergent works its way through the body of the plant, inhibiting either a key enzyme, or a key process in the plant's lifecycle, causing the plant to die. Because systemic post-emergents work through inhibiting a plants life cycle, they generally take longer - 10 days plus to completely kill the plant.  While they take longer, they are necessary to kill the entirety of the plant, and not just what is seen above ground.


Contact Post-Emergent:

Contact post-emergent products are also applied using ground broadcast equipment directly to the unwanted plant.  Contact post-emergents work by killing the actual part of the plant that they come into contact with.  Because contact post-emergents don't have to work through the plant, they are generally much faster acting than the systemic post-emergents, taking only 24-48 hours to kill what they have contacted. 


Selective Post-Emergent:

Selective post-emergents are used mainly in turf areas to kill unwanted broadleaf weeds and grasses while not harming the desired turf.  They work the same way that systemic or contact post-emergents work.


Arizona Weed King uses a propriety formulation of post-emergent to insure both quick, and complete (to the root) death of the unwanted weeds.  This application can be used for dirt, rock landscape, or turf lawns alike. 





Because of our experience and expertise in the field that we do business, it is Arizona Weed King's standard operating procedure to apply products correctly, and completely within the guidelines of the products' label, and applicable State and Federal Laws.  It is important to hire a licensed pest control professional, like Arizona Weed King, to insure that pesticides and herbicides are applyed consistent with their label, and local and national regulations. 


To verify that your pest-control professional is correctly licensed to apply pesticides in the State of Arizona, please follow the link below:




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